Meet the Experts

Giovanna Capozza

Giovanna Capozza portraits in Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico.Giovanna’s specialty is working with the underlying psychology or "false filter" that rules our experiences in the world.  After 7 years clinical experience as a Homeopathic Doctor, Holistic Nutritionist and Energy Medicine Practitioner Giovanna transitioned into mentoring women full-time.  Giovanna has studied with some of the world’s most successful and influential personal development experts and is known as a Lifestyle Strategist & Woman’s Empowerment Coach, Mentor & Speaker.

A true catalyst for change, Giovanna is a strong proponent of the quote “when sleeping women wake, they can move mountains”. Giovanna believes that it is every woman’s right to live a life that fills her soul up with joy and excitement and that the key to this is choice & self-love.

She is the author of “The Noticing: A Guide to Start Losing Weight & Loving Your Life”, creator of the Mind.Body.Beauty Program for Women desiring to transform their mind, body & negative self image, and The Love Blueprint™ Program, which helps women create deeper levels of change, and personal power in their relationships.

To learn more about Giovanna’s programs visit her site -

Billinda Pita
From Bay Street to Woo Woo, Finding Your Inner Guru

Billinda HeadshotAs a 4th generation psychic, Billinda grew up with the gift of reading body language, intonation and what was “really” being said quite naturally. In addition, she was able to pick up on things about people that were not visible to others like their pain, experiences, worries, energetic fields and gifts.

Through a difficult childhood and much more difficult teen and young adult years of abuse, homelessness and self-sabotage, she turned off most of her abilities and never developed confidence in herself or her gifts. She stayed focused on earning a living and paying the bills keeping the “survival mindset” that was so deeply activated within her.  It was not until she was pregnant with her third child that she realized she was living a life completely outside of herself and unfulfilled.

Today, Billinda is a confident, thriving Transformational Life Coach and Intuitive Consultant. She runs regular inner journey workshops and is an inspirational speaker. She works with clients around the world helping them illuminate and recalibrate their lives by giving them insight, tools and resources to follow their joy.

Katie Phillips
What it Means to Have a Self-Love Affair

profile picKatie transformed her deep instinct that a fulfilled life is our right into a business when deep dissatisfaction pushed her onto a personal and spiritual journey which completely changed the landscape of her life. She is on a mission to help women create a life that rocks . Her acclaimed ‘Daring and Mighty’ transformational programmes guide women through a process of deeply knowing and loving themselves.

Katie loves nothing more than sharing with others the importance of having a healthy, loving and conscious relationship with yourself. She helps women to develop a deep sense of self, self-worth and self-love - all fundamental to living a Daring & Mighty life. Her creativity is expressed through her ‘Affirmation Artwork’ - powerful affirmations now available as a range of wall art, stationery and accessories, supporting women on their Daring & Mighty journey.

Katie’s public talks invite women to take a look at where they are at in their life and to ask themselves, “Do I give myself permission to shine?” She shares her most private and vulnerable stories with humour to inspire others with the truth that anything is possible. That no matter your darkest fears and beliefs, no matter how trapped on the treadmill of life you feel, no matter how ‘yo-yo’ you feel emotionally - there is a way to make immediate and long lasting changes which will gift you with a free and authentic life that every woman deserves. Inside, we all know we are meant to be more of ourselves and Katie shines the way to a more fulfilled, more daring, more mighty life!

Katie has an Aussie-English voice which is unique in the transformational world. She is an intrepid traveller, devoted mum, lover of Aussie wine and unapologetic day-spa addict!

Kim Gould
What To Do When You Don't Want More Of The Same - Developing A Miracle Mindset

kimKim Gould created in 2004 and has been working with people from all over the world since then.   In 2010 she shifted to coaching because it allowed her to work with people over a longer period, and get deeper outcomes.

This year, looking for a way to help her clients create the miracles they were desiring, she trained as a Life Upgrade Coach specialising in Conscious Language.

In January next year she is launching her membership site - Divine Design - where she is sharing 10 years of research on Emergent Human Design System. The site is an interactive learning and sharing environment for anyone who loves and wants to learn more about Human Design.

Kim is passionate about helping people find their purpose, allow their highest choices, recognise and manifest their heart's desires. She specialises in business coaching for those who are committed to becoming visible and creating change.

Lara Faga
Why you need to put mother guilt to bed for good!

Lara 0084Lara is a life and wellbeing coach who specialises in assisting women to be empowered during motherhood so they can live the life they desire unapologetically. She gracefully guides women to reconnect with their true inner self and their happiness. Lara is a mother of two young children with a degree in psychology and extensive experience in health and fitness.

With her background in counselling psychology, Lara provides her clients with a nurturing space, allowing them to do the inner work needed to achieve all they desire, whilst supporting them to take the action steps required to make their dream life a reality for themselves and their families.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, and with a European background, Lara understands the diverse cultural and societal pressures on women as mothers; and so she is passionate about empowering women to make themselves and their wellbeing a priority during motherhood.

In nurturing herself whilst nurturing her children, she is demonstrating the gift of self-love, self-worth, and self-care. She is teaching them that life is a miraculous gift and that we all deserve to make the most of it.

Lara is passionate about sharing her experience and knowledge with other women and works collaboratively with them, empowering them to live the life of their dreams whilst being the best mothers they can possibly be, resulting in transformation for themselves and their families.

Michelle Alva
How to Embody The Vibration Of Love For Our Body Temple

MichelleAlvaHeadshotNEWMichelle Alva, PT is a woman on a mission to bring more love, peace, and sensuality on the planet as a highly intuitive facilitator of healing, whole-self and soul connection. Michelle combines her 19 year background as a physical therapist with her specialized trainings in Integrative Yoga Therapy, Belly Dance, Massage, Therapeutic Touch, Shamanic Energy Medicine, CranioSacral Therapy, Energy Psychology and Sound-Vibrational Medicine.

She educates and empowers individuals on how to use the mind and body to self-heal and manifest optimal health and vitality. Michelle bridges the gap between modern science-based methods with ancient wisdom approaches to facilitate “major healing with minor effort”. In addition to her private practice, Michelle offers weekly experiential lectures at Canyon Ranch in Miami Beach on how to naturally release physical, mental-emotional and energetic stress, tension and pain. She provides one-on-one Integrative Healing Sessions in a loving and nurturing space where clients re-birth themselves and raise their frequency to the highest vibration of self-love and self-acceptance. Her clients experience profound healing, transformation, and miracles in all areas of their lives. Michelle has her own blog and is a contributing writer for many major online publications. She shares inspirational and informative videos on her you tube channel.

Michelle created a CD of science based guided meditations with healing music called Free Yourself: Guided Meditations To Relax, Release, Heal and Energize to empower individuals on how to activate one’s innate self-repair, self-love and self-healing abilities. Go to to receive a free gift from Michelle.

Mireille Parker
Your Powerfully Feminine Self

MireilleMireille Parker is a writer and transformational coach who works with female entrepreneurs that desire to be powerfully feminine both in business and in pleasure. This is for women who would actually love to have a life and not just a business. She guides and supports her clients to live with beauty and passion while creating business success – through a combination of femininity, creativity and business savvy.

After going through a health crisis, Mireille knows the importance of being an empowered woman who follows her dreams. She has always been someone who doesn't settle for the norm and has a low tolerance for stagnation.

Craving excitement in her twenties, she found it in the form of travel – attending hip hop dance school in New York, travelling Europe countless times and living in London as well as in the south of France.

Her company, Wild Poppy Coaching & Empowerment, is for the woman who desires to grow in her own unique way. For Mireille this means being bold, feminine and free.

Mireille can be found at for inspiration on being powerfully feminine in business and pleasure and combines femininity, creativity and business savvy in her unique 90 day coaching program for female entrepreneurs, Powerfully Feminine in Business and Pleasure.

Tina Marcella
Hear What Your INNER VOICE is Really Saying

PMK-41Tina Marcella is a Mentor, Teacher, Speaker and Personal Performance Coach.

Her mission involves assisting entrepreneurs with hosting live events, building their own inner confidence, and constructing their message so to help convert their audiences into clients.

For over 27 years Tina captivated audiences with her humor, charisma, and gigantic personality. But beyond the stage, was real life, and struggle of her own. In her talks, she teaches from these experiences which still fuels her true purpose; Helping others who struggle to be in the “seen” in the spotlight and help them find their voice.

Tina has a Bachelors of Arts, and has performed in front of all size audiences, including singing the national anthem for an NBA basketball team, and black box theaters in NYC. Aside from performing, Tina’s other interests are planning and hosting events, showcasing her meticulous and detail oriented skills in corporate receptions, weddings, and luncheons.

Tina intertwined these two passions forming a business to help entrepreneurs (and others) feel powerful and radiant in front of any audience. Putting on a show no matter what size takes inner confidence, clarity of material, a purpose of message and a kick ass room to showcase your talents.